21.1 testing is completed

  • Yep,

    I download it from official dowloads.

    KTS and KIS still pointing to old 2020 version. Guess it will be refreshed soon.

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    I've found users that already got official KSCloud Personal 2021 21.1 MR1!!!!!!!!!! surprised

  • Nevertheless, I congratulate everyone (the Kaspersky team, testers, and all other users) on the end of this testing sub-season. I hope that in the future I will join the testing again as it was in the period from 2017 (17) to 2020 (20) versions.

  • To be honest, I don't see anything special, and the declared changes in the interface of components are very controversial and may not appeal to all users (I haven't tried it yet, I judge only by the reviews and screenshots on the forum here, since I missed 21 MR0 and MR1 and did not participate in their testing). If something please excuse me, this is only my personal opinion. And Yes, so far only on the basis of reading and seeing in absentia, without personal experience. But in the near future, I plan to fix it and get to know personally what the result was 21 MR1. If anything, please excuse me, I do not know English and use an online translator.

  • @huang1111


  • What have been updated in 21.0 and 21.1 respectively, has any related instructions been released?

  • Congrats, waiting for MR2. cool

  • So, how long aprox. will take this K2021MR1 to be released officially? since K2021MR0 still not out undecided

  • Yeah, great :)

  • @harlan4096 said in 21\.1 testing is completed:

    Wow that was fast! 

    as you may know, now change our deliverance politic, so we plan make several MR in one year. 

  • congratulate! A short and busy season.

  • Wow that was fast! congrats! :)


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