• Good news for everyone!

    A new version of the beta build is available for download and testing.

    You can download the version from the links below

    Can be activated only through Internet. Beta-license is valid for 90 days.

     Before installation of the new build, please uninstall the previous build (sometimes kavremover may be needed) and reboot the system

    Advices for novice testers

    • Do not proceed with testing without reading the instructions;
    • All found bugs should be posted in the related topics so it would be wise to read their headers at first. Bug reports should contain all useful info (it will be clear after reading the instruction from p.1);
    • The most convenient way to upload big files (traces or dumps): in .zip archive on OwnCloud.;
    • Traces as well as app and driver verifiers are enable in this build.
    • This area of forum is not connected to Tech Support (Bugs of Beta-products are collected here)

    Additional Information

     Please don't post on the beta forum if you are not participating in the beta testing.

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    For now this is the only "official" info I've found, taken from the online Help of this last beta version :)


  • Is there any no features/benefits to 21? Or it's simply a change of year/number?

  • @shortie said in KAV\\KIS\\KTS\\KFA\\KS\\KSOS: 21\.1\.15\.500:


    Thanks for the reply. I use the current version. Reason why I aksed is that I upgraded to the Beta of Mac OS Big Sur......

    Clearly, unfortunately for this issue (compatibility with the beta version of Mac OS) I can't tell you anything for sure, I don't understand Mac OS. But using the example of Windows, I can say that support for beta versions of the operating system, even for test versions of antivirus software, is not guaranteed. If I do not write clearly, please excuse me, I do not know English and I use an online translator to communicate with You.

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    @shortie There are also universal licenses (Multi-Device) ( https://www.kaspersky.com/internet-security ) that are suitable for KIS for several platforms at once (PC (Windows)\Mac\Android) in any combination of the user's choice\desire within the number of devices that was specified\selected by the user when purchasing the license. I'm sorry that I didn't finish writing this right away, I had problems with power supply in the house.

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    Thanks for the reply. I use the current version. Reason why I aksed is that I upgraded to the Beta of Mac OS Big Sur......

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    Are there KIS versions for MAC OS available? 

    As far as I know, the new version of the antivirus for MAC is not being offered during testing of the 2021 version. But in General, KIS for MAC exists. The official website offers a product from the line of the current release version 2020. https://www.kaspersky.com/mac-security This link is to the global version of the company's website. To get more correct information for Your region / country (especially if you want to buy or renew a license!) you need to switch the region/country at the bottom of the site to the one you need and find this product there.

  • Are there KIS versions for MAC OS available? 

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    Last build and this one

    both very stable builds

  • A new successfully auto update from previous build :)

  • It is running good. Now i am hunting for bugs.


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