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  • Hello!

    Please answer the question - would you like KES beta-builds will appear here with the product line of the KIS and KSeC? If your interest is high enough - we will try to organize KES beta-testing here.

    Leave "+" in comments if you are interested, so that we can count you =).

    Thank you!

  • Hi

    1.Download beta build KES and KSC from old forum.

    2. Install two product to real system.

    3. Found bugs in products.

    4. Performed special task on KSC.


  • @dmitriy-pisarets


    Here is KES beta testing procedure:

    1 go to KL old international forum and find the cooperate product test section

    2 go to build release topic and download installer form data14 server

    3 install the product in realmachine, because I believe kes beta is stable

    4 test the product like kav. if there is gui problem or crash, will report in the right section.

    that is all.

    I do not have a real cooperate environment or a server machine, so I never test security center, only KES

  • I tried KES beta long time ago (can't remember eactly), currently of course I would try in a VMWare system, since no spare system to try in a real system...

  • @xzz123, @harlan4096, @huang1111, @Helios_07, @Virus_900

    Hello! Thx for your interest! So we have another one question: Did anyone test KES beta earlier?  If - Yes, please, tell us how you get and install builds? Thx =)

    Have a nice day! 

  • +

    not sure though if i will have the time to test

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  • +

    I support this decision, and I hope to promote it to the Kafan forum like KAV Beta to test together.

  • I guess it would be an unmanaged KES... so, why not? :)

  • +

    KES beta is much more stable than kav beta, to be honest.........

    sometimes kav beta more look like alpha or Canary

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