• Thanks! that's weird... K development left that model for the last years, I mean stopped the MRs.. so it seems We are back again to it :)

  • @ilya-zadonsky said in KAV\\KIS\\KTS\\KFA\\KS\\KSOS: 21\.1\.7\.271:

    MR1 is quite a standalone release, which will contain some differences from MR0.

    MR0 will go into commercial release in summer, MR1 in summer is waiting for a technical release, which is not equal to commercial. I.e. MR1 users will get much later than MR0 (I don't know how much). After that there will be other MRs. We are now trying to convert development to shorter releases, replacing the big annual one, approximately as in the case of Win10. If the experiment turns out to be successful, there will be MR2, MR3 ... ...MRn. This scheme of releases will allow us to react more quickly to current requirements.

    I would like to ask, if this update method is adopted, does it mean that the overall test time will be shortened?

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    MR 1?? I can´t believe. Maintenance releases are back :)

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    This morning my KTS2021MR1 beta started to crash every few minutes (generating lots of DUMPs), and now I just got a big update 96,78MB and asked to restart the product... but just got again a new CRASH! yell

  • Products crashes continue every few minutes (even every few seconds), I've exited KTS for now, it is "destroying my system and SSD" with such amount of DUMPs...

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    Hi harlan, this is an error caused by the klavasyswatch.dll part of the System Watcher, if you deactivate that it should work fine. At least KTS stopped crashing when i deactivated it.

  • Do You mean disabling System Watcher or?

  • @harlan4096

    Yes youre right.

  • Ok thanks, I will try...

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    On early testing of a new MR, i disable the self-defence to solve some problems. In this case, i have no problems with SW. The KTS is running ok and the most text is in german version correct translated. Some small things (english or russian text) will be fixed, as always, later (i hope so). The first version(s) are more a "have a look on it". This is my experience of the past few years.

    @harlan4096: success with deactivating the SW?

  • Yes, no more dumps but of course disabling SW implies disabling Application Control and other security features...

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    I think the firewall can cause ping spikes (from normal 40-150 to spikes 80-4000) during only multiplayer games, can someone confirm this issue? I am still investigating on my site.

    I dont have the issue with firewall disabled, thats why i think KTS is the cause.

  • @Ilya.Zadonsky

    just 1 question will final version finally have dark mode?

    i really want dark mode it would make it 100% better in my opinion.


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