Need some help with 2345SafeCenter

  • @wesly-zhang, can you please check it with other antiviruses ? avast, nod, panda etc...

  • @dmitriy-pisarets said in Need some help with 2345SafeCenter:

    @wesly-zhang, can you please check it with other antiviruses ? avast, nod, panda etc...


    Sure. Sorry for my delay. Some other its drivers are also been detected by microsoft.

    2345Base.sys - Microsoft - PUA:Win32/2345Cn | SHA-256 3d9e93488d7ae760de63a13c4eba132b02236261e5512d7ee4a1ee7e7c761569

    2345ExProtect.sys - Microsoft - PUA:Win32/2345Cn | SHA-256 66735892e6742efa89eb93363f06e220bf3c87626607f49b1908fba4ae6ecc22 - Microsoft - PUA:Win32/2345Cn | SHA-256 8d61e864702700ffa26e0621757fbee1f97359571a7710652f3dee9a3b992574

    2345Misc.sys - Microsoft - PUA:Win32/2345Cn | SHA-256 c662e56c3dc2e9751bf0cff4c1bca61bd1c857de4317ef6da56b4c0b1d668737

    2345NetMgr.sys - Microsoft - PUA:Win32/2345Cn | SHA-256 633e31ec8cd87c9bdbc563b9d9676c4b73eeffd9daa69fe84a1c5f2fce14d1fb

    2345Prot.sys - Microsoft - PUA:Win32/2345Cn | SHA-256 987df613a7639cb64c823826b74832c5931f6ff02a7e1ff418040aa29389a42c

    Now, Only Microsoft Defender detect its driver files as a adware. This is the result. undecided

    But its main executable file: 2345SafeTray.exe | SHA-256 92a26f8364f1b9ce1501941ce8b435cece7e40d6ce8131b1bf5a54a8e4a422e1 has been 8 AV solutions detected as adware.

    Cylance Unsafe

    Cyren W32/Trojan.LVBB-6338

    ESET-NOD32 A Variant Of Win32/2345.H Potentially Unwanted

    Fortinet Riskware/2345

    K7AntiVirus Adware ( 0055ce2c1 )

    K7GW Adware ( 0055ce2c1 )

    Microsoft PUA:Win32/2345Cn

    Sophos AV Generic PUA KH (PUA)

    I use ESENT NOD32 Online scanner ( enable detect potential unwanted and unsafe applications ) to check all 2345 product folder. Here is the result:

    Scan log:

    I also use panda cloud cleaner and avast free antivirus. There is no any PUA detection, Maybe they don't know 2345 product.

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