• Good news for everyone!

    A new version of the beta build is available for download and testing.

    You can download the version from the links below

    Can be activated only through Internet. Beta-license is valid for 90 days.

     Before installation of the new build, please uninstall the previous build (sometimes kavremover may be needed) and reboot the system

    Known issues:

    • KPM installation daw in the installer does not contain a description
    • The license window (except ru-RU) contains *** NOT TRANSLATED ... *** elements
    • Beta Testing windows contain English text in Chinese localization.
    • The German localization build is not available because of the large amount of text that has not been translated.

    Advices for novice testers

    • Do not proceed with testing without reading the instructions;
    • All found bugs should be posted in the related topics so it would be wise to read their headers at first. Bug reports should contain all useful info (it will be clear after reading the instruction from p.1);
    • The most convenient way to upload big files (traces or dumps): in .zip archive on OwnCloud.;
    • Traces as well as app and driver verifiers are enable in this build.
    • This area of forum is not connected to Tech Support (Bugs of Beta-products are collected here)

    Additional Information

     Please don't post on the beta forum if you are not participating in the beta testing.

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    After about 12 days monitoring this build I've realized that Rootkits scan is not being triggered any of the days, and this system usually is working for more than 14 hours a day... undecided

  • I have to agree the build is much more stable now compared to the beginning.

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    This is interesting... I reinstalled some days ago this same build and disabled all traces and app. and drv. verifying, and now I did not get any dump nor BSOD any more, even Kaspersky protection add-on is working fine in FireFox and no dumps every time I run the browser surprised

    It is running quite stable now... maybe still high CPU while surfing complex sites -> FaceBook and others...

  • , last edited by harlan4096

    I just started to get a new warning: Some protection components are corrupted -> recommend to reinstall the application undecided

    That after getting during all the weekend Fail warnings in every update...

    I will definitely uninstall this version, waiting for the next build...

  • Agree, product crashes constantly...


    Probably I will do the same, I've already sent/reported several bugs/issues, so waiting for the next more stable build...

    Probablemente haré lo mismo, ya he enviado / informado varios errores / problemas, así que esperando la próxima compilación más estable ...

  • I had to cancel testing this version, its causes to many Problems, everything from just simply KTS crashing every couple minutes over to freezing  and or crashing my PC. Hard to do something under those cirumstances.

  • , last edited by harlan4096

    Every time I open FF -> KTS2021b 20.1036 gets a GUI crash and dump... almost impossible to work normally with this build...

    Update: the crash also is every time I open Chrome or Brave...

  • , last edited by harlan4096

    Agree! I can't keep KTS2021b 29.1036 running for more than a few minutes! GUI crashes one behind the other... Kaspersky Protection add-on don't work in FF!

    Also getting Fail in Database Updates!

  • , last edited by Helios_07

    This Version seems very unstable i had 4 crashes in around 2h use so far. Will upload dumps.

    EDIT:Ah ok those are breakpoints, i assume the debugging thing is the cause here. Are you interested in those dumps?

    EDIT2: Those dumps where partly related to running a quick scan i found out.


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