KSDE dump investigation. Your help is needed

  • Hello! 

    We are looking for KSDE dump scenario. We suppose dump is generated when you update product from 2020 old version to last update(nowadays it's (a) to (d)) . As we can understand, it happens before PC restart after update. May be you need to restart product or log off from OS and login with your user again to reproduce it.

    If you had met this dump before - please, give us some info about it's scenario. 

    If you want to experiment KTS patch(a) en-GB is  here 

  • @harlan4096 said in KSDE dump investigation\. Your help is needed:

    I did not get any dump,

    no there is no need in this case

  • Today I installed that KTS in a W10 Pro x64 1903 running on VMWare, I got Patch c, then update signatures and reboot the system, then updated again several times signatures and rebooted again, I only got patch d, but still not patch e.

    I also ran KSeC but I did not get any dump, I can provide traces of KTS and KSecC and installation logs...

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