Patches E for KAVKISKTSKFA 2020 and I for KAVKISKTSKFA 2019

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    Hello! We have launched a patches test for our products.

    Our browser plug-in has new version. We suppose there may be some bugs. 

  • Hello! We will be very grateful for you attention to this patches, it very important for us. Please, spare some time to check them. Thx! 

  • Fixed after my post in Russian section.

  • In the topics for testing patch E for 2020 and patch I for 2019 (both in the Russian and English sections) there are no buttons for creating a bug report.

  • Thanks!

  • @harlan4096, as far as know - it may be in Chrome some time later, for other browsers it'l be included sometimes later

  • What about K2021beta, does  it integrate the new browser plug-in?


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