#174 Install issue on Hyper-V guest on W10 17134.112

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    Reproduction steps:

    Cannot install latest beta (b318) on Hyper-V guest (W10 17134). Hyper-V host is also W10 17134. I'm getting Application installation error. KTS 2019 install fine on the same virtual machine.

    Install logs are here:


    Actual result:

    KTS2020 should install fine on virtual machine

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: Hyper-V virtual machine

    Product: KTS

    Product Version: 20.0.0.+

    Language: en-US

    Product Logs: https://we.tl/AOybcBYscz

  • Problem just in secure boot - hardware issue :/ I have to close topic
  • still reproduced


    windows10 17763.134 x64 LTSC


    new logs are here》

  • @xzz123, hello! I'm waiting for an answer from the developers about the issue with secure boot, and as soon as I get it, I will answer here.
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    any progress in this case

    Since my case was closed, I have no where to feedback

    Actually I still can not install the product if secure boot is ebabled........ with 2019 version, there is no problem.

    may be there is another try that dev and testers can reporduce the problem: Install product on a non-english language windows10 OS. such as Chinese or German......

    I have to point out that it is highly likely that those topics in business section of the global forum which I indicated in my case,

    share the same error code and same reason that lead the problem. here

  • @marko13, hello! Please tell me, is the problem still relevant? If it is true, are you able to provide some traces(of installation and/or of product launching)?
  • I found something. If I turn off SecureBoot in hyper-v settings for my virtual machine (virtual machine settings-> security) I can install KTS 2020. But when KTS wants to start after install, virtual machine is rebooted. Also, if I restart virtual machine manually I can logon to Windows, but immediately after that virtual machine gets restarted.

  • DeviceGuard was off when I first tried. So, I'm gettings same error whether deviceguard is on or off.

    SecureBoot is already disabled in BIOS.

  • https://eap.kaspersky.com/topic/450/error27300-when-install-klhk-driver-error-code-2147024319/7

    Looks like they are same issue???

    Can you try disable secure boot function in BIOS setting?

  • @marko13, ok, it is possible that turned on DeviceGuard blocks the launch of the driver. Can you turn it off and try to install product again? Thank you!
  • I have enabled virtualization based security, but still getting the same error:


  • @marko13, can you run msinfo32 and check "Device Guard Virtualization based security" value?
  • @marko13, thank you!
  • Hello. I'm getting following error:

    Error 27300. Error installing driver klwtp.sys_x64. Error code: -2147024319.

    Install logs and screenshot of the error has been uploaded here:



  • @marko13, hi! Can you provide new traces?
  • Still cannot install latest beta build (554) in Hyper-V virtual machine...

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