Looking for the help with bug reproduction. KAVKIS 20 and Avast/AVG

  • Good afternoon! Please help us get a bug reproduction while KAVKIS installation over Avast/AVG. We will be grateful for your help!


    1. Install any latest version of incompatible software: Avast or AVG antivirus.
    2. Launch  2020  KAVKIS installation (get installer from our official web site).
    3. When incompatible software will be detected, skip it's uninstallation and continue product installation

    If you get an error while installing the klhk driver, then please provide all the information on this stand so that we can reproduce the problem in the test lab:

    1. GSI traces
    2. installation traces
    3. All setupapi traces in C: \ Windows \ INF
    4. If possible, virtual machine
  • @helios_07, thx for your time

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    Version 20: Avast free gets detected but KIS and KAV install fine if i follow your step

                         AVG doesnt get detected as incompatible

    Version 21: Avast and AVg dont get detected as incompatible.

    No luck here...

    EDIT: Tested on Vmware 15 with Windows 10 1903 up to date.

  • @dmitriy-pisarets said in Looking for the help with bug reproduction\. KAVKIS 20 and Avast/AVG:

    @huang1111, yes. it may affect. If you can, better to use clean OS. But. we don't know how to get a bug, May be your scenario will lead to bug reproduction. 

    Okay, I understand.

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    @huang1111, yes. it may affect. But. we don't know how to get a bug, May be your scenario will lead to bug reproduction. 

  • Hello, I want to ask some questions. What are the requirements for the virtual machine system? If you have installed the 2021 version of the application beforehand, but uninstall it later, will it affect the test data?

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