Improving beta testing procedure

  • I hope this is the right place.

    I wanted to suggest a few things and hear opinions on that, like what others think and if its doable without much effort and so on...

    1: That Kaspersky provides test Malware.

    Malware that is harmless but act likes malware/gets detected as such.

    For example:

    A few trojans, backdoors, ransomware, exploits, keylogger...

    The goal is to specificly test components/functions like the anti-ransomware, proactive defense, heuristics, keylogger-protection...

    To test desinfection of an "infected" PC, so that i can install some of that Malware and then install kaspersky software to clean it up, disable certain functions/components knowing others should be trigered.

    Like a file that should be trusted, one that is low restricted one that is placed in high restricted and on untrusted by Application control.

        1a: Kaspersky sets up a website with files and options.

              To be specific, a website were i can test Web-av, im-av, mail-av and the firewall.

              For Example, if i click the link for the eicar file web-av should trigger, if i click the link send mail with infected file mail-av should trigger on mail reception if configurated, if i click the option attack my PC, the firewall/intrusion detection should block that, and so on...

              Maybe a malware that tries to comunicate with this "malicious" server but gets blocked.

    To put it all together, i want the possibility to safely test if all the components/functions of the software, do what they are designed to do.

    Kaspersky provided a small set of "Malware" like that in the past ( password: infected).

    But this is an old set and outdated.

    2: The creation of a testing protocoll.

    In combination with the testmalware.

    Like visit website xy (most visited website, least visited but important websites)

    Run programm xy (a set of often used programms, programms that should work with Kaspersky but might cause conflict)

    Change Kaspersky settings in scenario xy (Things that should happen in certain scenarios)

    Change certain OS settings that might effect Kaspersky.

    Whatever else i missed.

    I just wanted to improve the posibillity to find bugs and deliver a better software in the end, also it would improve transparency on the procedure how Kaspersky software gets tested before official launch.

    Let me hear what you think, especialy you guys from kaspersky.



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