A few questions

  • Hi,

    1: If i have a problem that seems to be the the same as someone else described, should i rather reply to this or create a new topic?

    For example my crash during an update was already reported, but i created a new topic so it contains all the systeminformation thing.

    2: Could you guys from Kaspersky post maybe an example topic how a well written report should look, which information it should contain, to make it for you the easiest as possible!

    Like OS, GSI report? Something else?

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    If you encounter a crash and bsod problem. you need provide Full memory dump file for bsod issue or crash process dump file for application crash issue even if problem that seems to be the the same as someone else described. This could let KL confirm the crash reason to improve its product. 

    Else, in particularly, GUI/Help issue, You needn't provide the same issue. 


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