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    2020 - the version will contain the work on the bugs. Stability is the main goal of 2020. A lot of work has been done with the current modules. Some modules have been completely redesigned (code).

  • Thx for the info. Is KL planning to insert new modules or only update of existing ones (stability of components)? I think latter.

  • A new type of log file.Created to catch errors in the drivers.

  • What is this ".drv" file? Some crypted text in it.

  • I'm getting detections of different types, I thinks that specific UDS detections are also usual in 2018/2019 since last year, I guess it depends on if the specific detection was already added or still a generic one at this time, and later will become in specific: https://imgur.com/a/63WA9j7

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    I observed that many malicious samples are simply detected as UDS Dangerousobject by 18/19 version. Pure MD5 blacklist maybe......?

    but given more sophisticated masks by 2020 version,

    for example

    at the moment above samples are detected UDS DangerousObject via Kaspersky virus desk and avp from Virustotal.

  • Here we go~ undecided

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    Running more or less stable here... system a bit slow, even with traces and app & drv verify keys deleted and rebooted the system...

    At 1st sight I don't see any new feature compared to K2019, maybe some small GUI changes...

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    Thanks for the heads up! I'm still preparing the laptop where I'm going to test it! :)

    These early betas always are very unstable... cry

  • @harlan4096


    I suggest creat a restore point before installation.

    I am facing interesting problems, but hard to give a description.

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    Let's start the playing! sealed

  • holy crap!

    Let's see what it is~wink


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