The connection to the Internet is broken if enable VPN

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    Hello everyone! 

    We have a bug, which is not reproduce in test-lab. It will be pleasure to have some help, using this steps:


    KSDE (19/20, any version) 


    1)Start traces

    2)Connect to any WI-FI

    3)In CMD use "ping -t" (need for check that internet connection is work)

    4)Start VPN 

    5)In browser open ""

    6)Press "Измерить"

    7)Check in CMD window, that internet connection is work


    7.1)internet connection still work - bus isn't reproduced (finish test)


    7.2)Internet connection failed

    8)Type in another CMD window "route PRINT"

    9)Copy the console out it text file

    10)Stop traces

    11)Send us the traces and text file with "route PRINT" result 

    Thank you!

  • @helios_07 Thank you! I take files, may be it help.

  • Hi,

    Tried to reproduce that, but got only a few connection timeouts during the test, after the test was finished the ping went back to normal levels.

    Also when i tried to refresh the Beta Forum page it timed out, but the other sites i had open worked normaly.

    I tried to get the route print thing when the connection to the beta forum timed out.

    I am not sure if thats what you are looking for but  here are the traces :)

Looks like your connection to Beta Testing was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.