End of season 2020

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    Friends, the testing season 2020 came to an end, a large number of problems were found.

    I am glad that I work side by side with diligent and hardworking people. Each bug report shows indifference and the desire to make the product even better. By leaving a review about the modules, you will invaluably help you to understand whether the chosen approach is correct.

    I especially want to mention the guys who showed themselves this season:

    • 7Glasses
    • Virus_900
    • deWolf
    • r3L4x
    • Helios_07
    • kilo2
    • den10004
    • xzz123
    • harlan4096
    • SQ
    • MASolomko
    • stanisluv
    • Stas007
    • Jowi
    • new kis user 2012
    • Wesly.Zhang

    Each of them has already received a key from Kaspersky Anti-Virus for a year, as well as free access to Kaspersky Secure Connection.

    In addition, the most active will receive additional prizes that we will send in the near future, as well as the opportunity to participate in the annual event from our friends Kaspersky Fun Club

    Thank you all for such a busy season.

    I'm waiting for everyone in the next 2021 testing season.


  • Congratulations to all! Well done!

  • Wow... Congratulations and see me in K 2021 testing!

  • Hi,

    Congratulations to all.


  • Yes, Congratulations to all. Good job from all. See you on next testing. cool

  • Congratulations everybody! smile also looking forward to next K2021 testing! laughing

  • Great work everyone =)

    Looking forward to next testing season :D

  • @ilya-zadonsky said in End of season 2020:

    Each of them has already received a key from Kaspersky Anti-Virus for a year

    Well, more precisely the license as usual for Kaspersky Total Security :)

    Thanks. Pleasantly. Once again, congratulations on the end of testing and gifts! :)

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