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    • Using KTS's File Shredder is not easy and good. Please add Shredding item to every file/folder right click menu in Windows. and add shredding options in KTS main program or on Ok 's new window, to choose x steps repeat deleting, plus choice to tick "Wipe the deleted file(s) allocated free space".
    • Plz don't seperate VPN installer. if be like BitDefender program is better and will not annoy every time. And your vpn is filtered in our country and doesn't work, please make it more advance to compass filtering.
    • KTS can have many other feature and improvement.

    +Also why when i encrypt a file using KTS , when i install a full fresh Windows, the encrypted file is deleted !!!!!! ??

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: Intel E4600, ASUS P5KC, RAM DDR2-800 4GB, Seagate 10TB

    Product: KTS

    Product Version: 20.0.0.+

    Language: en-US

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  • + some  file shredding programs do shredding very faster in same like deleting technique(for example: "U.S. Dod 5220.22-M(ECE) 7-Passes"). like "Jetico BCWipe" (that is an advanced shredding program)  & "Ashampoo WinOptimizer". but some programs  do very slower. like KTS. Please optimize file shredding speed. thanks.

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    i found a new problem. my english is not good. plz test these new Firefox security features. when i enable these features and Kaspersky 'Web Anti-Virus' is enabled Firefox can't open some websites. :


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