#1023 Installing issues + Dump

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    Reproduction steps:

    No special steps...

    I tried to install this new build as previous ones, after a clean uninstall of previous one and deleting EVERY TRACES in my system of Kaspersky, as always...

    The installing took long, in the final window installing bar process -> it remained in 10 seconds to finish during loooog minutes, then in 5 seconds to finish long minutes... after more than 20 minutes waiting, I cancelled the installation, but still the cancelling process took long, so I had to kill manually 1 of the msi installers processes... then rebooted the system and ran again KTS2020b933 installer, after 3 or 4 reboots finally I could manage to finish the installation successfully.

    Finally I also got a dump.

    Traces + Installation logs (Temp 1 + Temp 2 folders) + Dump attached.

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: AMD Athlon II X3 450 @ 3'20Gh, 8GB RAM DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 5670, SSD Samsung pro 850 256GB

    Product: KTS

    Product Version:

    Language: en-US

    Product Logs: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/pbx3lQHAV0G2iTu

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  • I've uninstalled KTS2020 b993, and try to reproduce again the issues to get dumps, but this time installation WAS INCREDIBLE FAST AND WITHOUT ISSUES, anyway I attached traces and install logs:


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    I have been asked by pm to reproduce the installation issues, generating:

    Need create full dumps of msiexec processes when installations hangs. Then create OS crash dump (e.g. using SysInternals NotMyFault).

    But I don't know which option should I select to generate it in that tool, since it has 8 different ones:


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    1.installation issue submitted.

    2.dump is duplicate part of dumps : https://eap.kaspersky.com/topic/1025

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