#1013 crash during starcraft 2 game

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    Real PC:

    Windows 10 x64 Version: 1809

    KTS de app + drv verifier enabled

    User Mode Write AV starting at crypto_ssl_1_1!OPENSSL_cleanse+0x0000000000000049

    Reproduction steps:

    I was playing a Starcraft 2 custom game, online against others, when the game lost connection.

    After i closed the game i saw that KTS was crashing.

    Firefox was running too, so not sure what the cause was.

    When i tried to restart KTS, it crashed with same dumps.

    EDIT: KTS wont start correctly anymore, it keeps crashing with those dumps. Will reinstall later today and see if that helps.

    EDIT2: Managed to change traces to recommended before it crashed, so here are better traces from when i try to start KTS and it crashes again: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/weQE2MrYLQLIuDi

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.4GHZ, 12,0GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB, Harddisk 1TB

    Product: KTS

    Product Version:

    Language: de-DE

    Product Logs: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/Yo3Zb6U6OQLLFo1

  • Thanks for the information provided, but a similar dump has already been sent (3275016). The problem is fixed in the dev-build. Duplicate

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