Bug reports connected to the following components:

— Application control (HIPS); 
— Firewall (FW); 
— System Watcher (SW); 
— Intrusion detection system (IDS); 
— Trusted applications manager (TAM) 
— Webcam access; 
— Audio control; 
— System changes control. 
— Software Update and Software Cleaner. 
i| Please note that in products KFA\KAV only System Watcher is avaliable.


 Please write in this topic only about the problems that suits the list of components!

General requirements for bug-reports are written in Section 2 of testing guide.


All inappropriate messages will be deleted!

!| ALWAYS add product traces

  • Reproduction steps: If Kaspersky is stopped and restarted, by clicking on the Howard Email icon in the systray,, the web page takes more than 1 minute to open, The bug had been reference 6396955 with previous versions and had been resolved with an update of the 21.14

    Actual result: The bug reappeared, the web page takes 1 minute to open

    Expected Result: The web page should open immediately with Kaspersky re launched

    Howard - Outlook.com / GMail / Yahoo / mail.ru / orange.fr / Lotus Notes Email Notifier - the sz development (the-sz.com)

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