Bug reports connected to the following problems of Home and Small Office products are received in this topic:

— OS (operation system) crashes;

— crashes of KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS;

— OS freezes cause of KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS(no such problem without product);

— KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS hangings.


Please write in this topic only about the problems that suits the list of components!

General requirements for bug-reports are written in Section 2 of testing guide.


All inappropriate messages will be deleted!


i | If possible use ZIP format for dump files archives.


! | All bug reports MUST have:

— the state of AppVerifier and DrvVerifier tools (enabled/disabled);

— the name of the dump file and the path to it (priority to the ftp data8);

— all actions that lead to the problem are described;

— traces of the product.


On pruduct's dump detection please check the state of BFE service — Base Filtering Engine.

For this in cmd input command:

sc query bfe

Dump from PC with disabled BFE or from VirtualBox (Oracle®) are not being processed.

  • Шаги воспроизведения:

    installed ksos

    Актуальный результат:

    total system freeze

    Ожидаемый результат:

    the system will work normally

    archived virtual machine with snapshot

  • Reproduction steps:

    Just ran installer over previous 21.14 beta build.

    Actual result:

    The installation never ended, I got dumps, for a while 2 icons in Windows taskbar (probably GUI crash), “Loading protection” remained showing, and after some minutes disappeared, only 1 K. icon remained in Windows taskbar, saying "Starting..."

    I reboot, and the GUI did not start, so executed manually and got the same behavior, but this time after a while the K. icon also disappeared from Windows taskbar.

    Uploaded to my own cloud more than 4GB compressed of Dumps + Traces, link to download below.

  • Шаги воспроизведения:

    opened the computer acceleration menu

    Актуальный результат:

    a crash dump is created

    Ожидаемый результат:

    there will be no crash dump

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