Патч доступен для тестирования.


Источники обновлений:



Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что для установки патча в KSeC (KSDE) необходимо продукт обновить с тестового сервера, используя команды ниже.

Windows x86

cd "%ProgramFiles%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Secure Connection 3.0"avp.com update http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap
Windows x64
cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Secure Connection 3.0"avp.com update http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap
Проверить наличие патча можно в стандартных окнах "Поддержка", "О программе".
Scope features:
• Requirement 2807745: [BRQ][Win10][CloudFiles] Scripts categorization
• Requirement 2995289: [BRQ][Win10] Handle properly long path names
• Requirement 2970838: [BRQ][VPN][Win][3.0][patch C] Workaround 0-byte traffic remaining issue
• Requirement 2924249: [BRQ][Support][BugFix] Detect and notify about failed installation of product’s certificate to Firefox (use Windows cert storage)
• Requirement 2924249: [BRQ][Support][BugFix] Detect and notify about failed installation of product’s certificate to Firefox (use Windows cert storage)
• Requirement 2764924: [BRQ][Quality]updates delivery when licence is expired/invalid/missing
• Requirement 2983679: [BRQ][HTTPS][2019 patch D] Remove dll inject to Chrome browser (with disabling SI and Super-MITM)
• Requirement 3014638: [BRQ] Изменить текст в pop-up окне "Расширить защиту"

Fixed problems:
• Bug 2989170: [2019 patch D] [7x64] KFP 6.0 is deleted after install of KTS 2019b
• Bug 3060727: [FL] 'Enable protection' looks like not working feature when product gets states with ProtectionLevel 'NoFunctionality'
• Bug 2990247: [KSC] Wrong reaction on unexpected loss of UCP connection. Start scenario is not initiated.
• Bug 3079672: [MUI][TFU]Failed to upgrade from 2018_patch_k_MUI to 2019_patch_d_MUI
• Bug 2719306: [PERF] [2019 patch B] Huge RAM usage by Traffic Processing & Crypto SSL
• Bug 3005217: [2019 patch D] [KSN] link is blocked if ip address has 115 and 111 categories in url reputation service
• Bug 3005221: [2019 patch D] [KSN] links are blocked by ip reputation as adware while they have no category 115
• Bug 2888465: [2019 patch D] Cannot open/block dangerous URL https://coinhive.com - browser waits forever
• Bug 3075576: [2019 patch D] DUMP: Action_start_XX_XX_XX__SetKlelamParameters._DE072CCD
• Bug 2924035: [2019 patch D] Need rename balloon and notification "Can not protect FireFox due to unknown error"
• Bug 2959512: [2019 patch D] Support: Some pages are randomly being disconnected with enabled product in Firefox
• Bug 2984330: [2019 patch D] Ztuu does not automatically create a dump
• Bug 2987652: [2019 patch D][KFP6.5][win10] Машина ловит дедлок после закрытия safebrowser в Chrome
• Bug 3018559: [2019 patch D][PERF] ODS: Perform: Failed Rootkit scan starts early than in 30 min if 'gwmi win32_service' command was executed [Quick Scan]
• Bug 3079291: [2019 patch D][SafeKids][WebReport] No reports for search requests
• Bug 2961687: [2019 Patch D]Error "ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE" when open website used TLS1.3 if MITM enabled
• Bug 2999497: [2019 Patch D]Pixel tracking was send when KSN Marketing not accepted
• Bug 2850210: [Customization]IE Plugins registration is not changed, if plugin changed between OEM and default ones
• Bug 3010631: [OEM]Shows incorrect message for activate a trial license, when install with preinstalled trial license
• Bug 3008676: [OnlineHelp]Support: Outdated info about socialization
• Bug 2999972: [PERF] Не работает обеление по стекам xcopy на Win10
• Bug 2998220: [PERF][2019 patch D] PCMark10 results affected by certificate installation for Firefox (again)
• Bug 2988014: [SbS][2019 patch D] Audio not controlled when installed together with KFP6.0
• Bug 3026879: [SUPPORT] [2019 D] URL advisor does not work in Chrome and IE on google site.
• Bug 3042662: [SUPPORT] [2019 patch D] "invalid email format" error for connect to myk
• Bug 2908089: [SUPPORT] [2019 patch D] Scan task hang
• Bug 3050065: [SUPPORT] KTS still does not start automatically (patch C)
• Bug 2993438: [SUPPORT] System hangs after exiting from LineAge 2 game with installed antivirus
• Bug 3055799: [VPN 3.0] Current hydra.dll is not compatible to openSSL 1.1.1
• Bug 2226265: DUMP: KasperskyLab.UI.Core.LongNameIO.LongPathFile!GetFileName_7431734B
• Bug 3052636: Failed backup of file locked by another process using VSS service (klvssbridge service is missing after patch update).
• Bug 3003321: klpnpflt is not installed after upgrading win7 to win10 RS5
• Bug 2988525: some protection components failed to start after reinstallation of corrupted product

Что нужно для начала тестирования патча:

1. Установить продукт

2. Выполнить обновление с публичных серверов и перезагрузиться

3. Включить трейсы

4. Перевести режим обновления продукта в ручной режим

5. Установить в качестве источника: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap

6. Перезагрузиться


Как обычно, напоминаю вам, что:

1) Найденную проблему необходимо сперва проверить на предыдущем патче. Здесь мы принимаем и обрабатываем только проблемы, связанные с текущим патчом.

2)Прикладываем трейсы и скрины.


Баг репорты: версия 2019MR0

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