Bug reports connected to the following components of Home and Small Office products are received in this topic:

— Graphic User Interface (GUI);

— Help of the product.


!| Please, attach video or screenshots to posts connected to visual problems.

Please write in this topic only about the problems that suits the list of components!

General requirements for bug-reports are written in Section 2 of testing guide.


All inappropriate messages will be deleted!

!| Please, write down the product
  • Шаги воспроизведения:

    launched KES

    Актуальный результат:

    the word Loading is repeated in the product launch window

    Ожидаемый результат:

    Loading the application. Starting protection.


  • Шаги воспроизведения:

    suspend protection

    Актуальный результат:

    no notification about paused protection in the main window

    Ожидаемый результат:

    there will be some kind of notification

    video in the archive

  • Шаги воспроизведения:

    opened update settings

    Актуальный результат:

    scrolling does not work in the update settings window

    Ожидаемый результат:

    scrolling will work like in other settings

    actual video


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