Patch is available for testing now.


Update sources:



Please note that to install the patch in KSeC (KSDE), you need to update the product from the test server using the commands below.

Windows x86cd "%ProgramFiles%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Secure Connection 3.0"avp.com update http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap
Windows x64cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Secure Connection 3.0"avp.com update http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap

Check the presence of a patch in the standard windows "Support", "About the program."


Scope features:
∙ Requirement 2760111: [BRQ][Win10] Support Windows 10 RS5
∙ Requirement 2760172: [BRQ] KSOS6 should support Windows 10 RS5
∙ Requirement 2921098: [BRQ] Full support of Server 2019
∙ Requirement 2938574: [BRQ][SAAS] Change links for purchase buttons in KSC Free
∙ Requirement 2820452: [BRQ] Upgrade to KSOS6
∙ Requirement 2690759: [BRQ][PERF] Do not use low priority & CPU limits in case of very long update
∙ Requirement 2696320: [BRQ][TFU ]Подхват языка при апгрейде на мультиязычную сборку
∙ Requirement 2820701: [BRQ][SaaS] Change ?Target for MyKaspersky link in product UI

Fixed problems:
∙ Bug 2902584: Продукт отправляет BSOD'ы не для всех продуктовых драйверов
∙ Bug 2557749: GUI:Help: help page is not correct for scan schedule
∙ Bug 2871252: DUMP: System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher!VerifyAccess_5D772A16
∙ Bug 2439383: DUMP: KasperskyLab.UI.Core.Guard!IsNotNull[[System.__Canon,mscorlib]]_A1389AC2
∙ Bug 2813826: DUMP: avpuimain!GetInterface<prague_IPragueTmUiFacadeFactory>_F73F0CA5
∙ Bug 2871837: [ZTUU][Licensing]: There is no more one possible update without license if zero time update is finished after product start
∙ Bug 2821158: [zh-Hant-TW+en-TW] [KTS] [Upgrade ] Chinese text in English
∙ Bug 2899373: [SUPPORT][2019 Patch C] Cannot change language with Shift+F12 after patch B in Kaspersky 2019.
∙ Bug 2954633: [SUPPORT] [Patch C] after updating to the patch (b) antivirus does not start automatically
∙ Bug 2955481: [MUI] wrong product type after migration from KIS to KFA
∙ Bug 2769382: [KSDE] Product displays toast/baloon about activation of subscripotion after each restart of windows
∙ Bug 2830153: [KSC][Free tier] kpc-license-ownership parameter in buy/renew redirection links after downgrade to Free tier does not meet the DM's requirements
∙ Bug 2825192: [KLOP] The KLOP not works after restart OS.
∙ Bug 2924302: [KLJ][2019 patch C] Police Decision URL opens blank page
∙ Bug 2961934: [KIS 2019 for Nifty] [Links] License window: link to the purchase offer is not deleted
∙ Bug 2920088: [KFP][DeviceGuard] Unable to install product on RS4\RS5 with enabled DG. Operation failed
∙ Bug 2894440: [ar-AE] [KTS] [uninstall] move location of text and picture from right to left
∙ Bug 2836622: [2019 patch] DUMP: chrome_child_756DA0AB
∙ Bug 2922993: [2019 patch C][RS4] webcam control not working with update 17134.191
∙ Bug 2832666: [2019 patch C] The product after the BSOD with PatchGuard does not show the dialog "previous launch was not successful"
∙ Bug 2962937: [2019 patch C] DUMP: app_control_prague!impersonate_2B7759CF
∙ Bug 2764980: [2019 patch C] [nb-NO] SaaS 2.0 Main window. "Upgrade package" button corrupted
∙ Bug 2765006: [2019 patch C] [lv-LV] KSOS Time are not displayed fully
∙ Bug 2718017: [2018_Patch_H][TFU]Failed to upgrade from 2018_Patch_H to 2019 TR on WinXP x86 sp3


To begin testing you need to do next:

1. Install product

2. Update from public servers and reboot OS

3. Enable traces

4. Set Manual mode of Update

5. Set Update source: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap (ftp://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap)

6. Reboot OS


As usual I'd like to remind you:

1) If you found any problem, please, re-check it on the previous patch. Here we are looking only for bugs related to current patch.

2) Don't forget about traces and screenshots.


Bug report: version 2019MR0

Flood will be deleted.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Check the option ' block access to webcam for all apps'

    start windows UWP app ' camera', try take a picture

    start tencent QQ, show camera preview in its sitting

    in the Green notification box, choose block this app access to camera

    Actual result:

    UWP camera app report that it do not have access to camera

    but QQ success show camera image

    after manual block access to camera, QQ can not show camera preview anymore

    Expected Result:

    QQ can not show camera preview.

    I have upload traces and reproduce video.


    Windows10 17134.285 x64


    Similar problem to support case INC000008572247 and possible it is Bug 2484338:[SUPPORT] Webcam protection doesn't work on integrated webcam.

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