Bug reports connected to Kaspersky Secure Connection are received in this topic.


Kaspersky Secure Connection (KSeC or KSDE) — desktop application which helps to provide secure connection over insecure networks f.e. when you are using public Wi-Fi in cafe or airport. Kaspersky VPN service is used for it.


Please write in this topic only about the problems that suits the list of components!

General requirements for bug-reports are written in Section 2 of testing guide.


Pay Attention

On installation of Kaspersky Secure Connection Beta, You agree to send system information to Google Analytics. This information doesn't include any personal data. All information is send to Google Analytics via protected channel. Access to this information is regulated by Google Analytics service agreement.


All inappropriate messages will be deleted!

  • Шаги воспроизведения:

    opened the subscription window

    Актуальный результат:

    in the main window 500mb. in the subscription window 200mb

    Ожидаемый результат:

    the information in the windows will be the same

  • Шаги воспроизведения:

    opened the subscription window

    Актуальный результат:

    the text in the subscription box is too low

    Ожидаемый результат:

    the text will be higher. somewhere just below the button "Buy a subscription"

  • Reproduction steps: Settings / Dark theme selection

    Actual result: Yellow marked ones are not visible in dark theme.

    Expected Result: Yellow or light colors should be chosen.

    Reproduction steps:  Settings Dark theme selection

    Actual result: When you press the button that is marked with yellow and circled, and alt+tab is done, its surrounding is square green.

    Expected Result: The green square button should appear in its previous state.

    Reproduction steps: Pressing the yellow marked link in the settings section.

    Actual result:  I think it may be because the version is not released yet, it throws it to the main page when pressed!It may not be the page that corresponds to the page specified in our country.

    Redirected page: https://www.kaspersky.com.tr

    Expected Result: Fixing invalid page redirecting to correct page.

    Reproduction steps:  Pressing the main window Support button.

    Actual result:  Although the operating system is Pro, it shows Enterprise.

    Expected Result: Displaying the correct operating system name

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