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— Help of the product.


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  • Шаги воспроизведения:

    go to disk history

    Актуальный результат:

    disc title indent too large

    Ожидаемый результат:

    disc name indentation will be smaller

  • Reproduction steps:

    In K. Plus go to Home -> Smart Home Monitor -> View -> and You'll get the NOT TRANSLATED string.

    Screen-shot: https://mega.nz/file/ZsZHwbAS#IGSJPvzeTbPVFSudZEiAMiKmPzHbKUL7Ey9RxOZVPxM

  • Reproduction steps: Click on Security and Performance tab in left. Switching between these two will resul shaking in gui.

    Actual result: shaking

    Expected Result: not shakingTraces are added.Also check video : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WtFNAxksgAvbQpWUkjU1k56sCIgbENIY/view?usp=sharingEDIT : i tested it few times and i see that kaspersky rolling page where i left it. For example into performance section rolling down with mouse then i left protection section then click privacy and after click again to performance section kaspersky will rolling down automatically where i left page. So it is not bug. Sorry i thoutght that is bug but kaspersky only rolling page exactly there where i left this page.

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