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i|Please, pay attention, that suggestion should be connected to the last released commertial versions (uploaded on kaspersky.com).

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  • Please add opportunity write domain with mask in manage exclusions in section Network settings in 2021 MR1  it will more convenient add mask domain than one at a time add domain.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Select "Each day" parameter in the Update option. Tick the "launch update tasks ignored" box.

    Actual result:

    Kaspersky security cloud updates itself many times a day, not one time only.

    Expected Result:

    It should update one time only, like before.

  • I wish Kaspersky secure connection integrate in Kaspersky products and all settings of secure connection will be available in kaspersky program main window (like for example application control and under this section are more settings).Simply dont want separate 2 programs (secure connection and kaspersky antivirus) but 1 program with security connection included in kaspersky.Good idea right? :) 

  • Actual result: when cancel scan (Full scan or quick scan) and i want run scan again will not continue where i stopped but scaning one more time.

    Expected Result: where i stop scan (cancel) there will be a resume button or something like that for resume scanning.

  • I would like to see on which bug engineers working and want see current status (for example work in progress, or fixed). Something like on website bug.kaspersky.com/projects and here is KFA/KAV/KIS/KTS/KSOS/KS section and problems marked as Accepted, new, in work or more info etc..

    For example will be found 3 bugs in kaspersky product with patch (a) for example and on website will be information us about current status (in work, fixed or accepted and fix in future) and these fixes are will be applied on patch (b).

    So basically it is real time status about progress and work on upcoming builds or patches but more detailed what was fixed and what waiting for fix in future.

  • Also i would like to see add support for Brave, Comodo dragon browser which using same source code like Google chrome but much safer.Brave is often (frequently) updated. I would like to see there a working kaspersky protection plugin and kaspersky password manager plugin, nothing more only add support for these browsers. It will be nice. Yandex is now supported why not other?? 

  • Please add more languages. I want slovak language especially (i can help with translate it from czech to slovak).More languages = more users with their native language.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Enter a website that uses different logins for your various domains, for example:

    http: \\ domain \ site1

    http: \\ domain \ site2

    Actual result:

    Kaspersky Password Manager will provide the same username and password for both sites, because the domain is the same. And it will not allow you to save a different username and password for that same domain.

    Expected Result:

    Kaspersky Password Manager should recognize the different sites or allow multiple logins for the same domain and provide an option to select which login you would like to enter on that site.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Click on Scan in Main Window - Click on Detailed Report

    Actual result:

    Detailed Report Window opens showing the list of scans made with Detected, Neutralized, and Not disinfected items. But not the total scanned items

    Expected Result:

    Add the total of scanned items on Detailed Reports

  • I wish the Kaspersky team were polling to add new requested features suggested by users.

  • Replication step:We hope to improve the Kaspersky scan encrypted compression packages, such as rar, zip. During the scanning process, we want to prompt the user to enter the password to continue scanning, skip the scan without entering the password side.

    Actual results:No prompt

    Expected results:Reminder operation

  • Reproduction steps:

    This is divided into two stepsIn the first step, you can right click on the Kaspersky tray icon, go to the tool column, select the startup screen keyboard, try to click the interface with the mouse, and try to move it, you will find that it does not follow the mouse. Move and move, it will only teleport to where the mouse stays last.The second step, open the Kaspersky application, click on more tools, open the on-screen keyboard, you will find that at this point, tap and hold the on-screen keyboard and try to move it, you will find it will move with the movement of the mouse.

    Actual result:

    The screen keyboard does not move with the movement of the mouse

    Expected Result:

    The screen keyboard moves with the movement of the mouse

    Since it is possible that my statement may not be clear, I recorded a video to demonstrate the existence of this problem, the link address: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-YzdkQEhPngs7C6tjzBvqxmuXbaR29JO/view?usp=drivesdk

    Support online viewing

  • In the process of using Kaspersky, my friend made a suggestion to me: I hope that some protection components can be set to automatic mode, and some components are set to interactive mode. I think this idea is very novel and can be used to a greater extent. Users configure their own protection and are able to understand the application behavior they want to understand based on their needs. This is just an opinion. Of course, there will be more choices for users.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Click on Application Control - Manage Applications - then right click on a permission group to add an application to this group.

    Actual result:

    The application shows: "  个应用程序被添加。"

    Expected Result:

    The application shows: "应用程序已经成功添加"

    Image link: https://send.firefox.com/download/d838bf6c60186896/#TrGaYC4n01ZwJwx5TLwV6w

    Sorry, the use of owncloud to transfer files in China is very slow (I even struggled to download. If you can't view the picture, you can contact my email 1403957761@qq.com)

  • New Adaptive Anomaly Control in cooperate product is very useful, easy to setup, much more user friendly than Application Control(HIPS).

    Kaspersky's own introduction about AAC: 



    While consumer product, Either too intelligent to allow low risk  bypass the product in automatic mode or too noisy and too hard to setup in manual mode. This Adaptive Anomaly Control module can solve these pain points.

    I really suggest you consider this advanced solution to be extended to consumer product.

    Good product function should be enjoyed by all your users.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Open a screen lock virusKaspersky does not have any reflection

    Then use Ctrl+Alt+shift+F4 shortcut to detect

    Tip: Screen lock not found

    Actual result:

    Screen lock not found

    Kaspersky defense failed

    Expected Result:

    The defense was successful because it was above the 2019 version of Kaspersky. I tested this virus. I was able to find the screen lock virus by using the shortcut keys and successfully defended it. This result surprised me. I updated the A patch today, but I regret that Kaspersky still did not find the screen lock. Virus, please fix it as soon as possible! If you need me to provide a virus sample, you can contact me by email. My email address is: 1403957761@qq.com

  • Reproduction steps:

    Actual result:

    Expected Result:

    • Using KTS's File Shredder is not easy and good. Please add Shredding item to every file/folder right click menu in Windows. and add shredding options in KTS main program or on Ok 's new window, to choose x steps repeat deleting, plus choice to tick "Wipe the deleted file(s) allocated free space".
    • Plz don't seperate VPN installer. if be like BitDefender program is better and will not annoy every time. And your vpn is filtered in our country and doesn't work, please make it more advance to compass filtering.
    • KTS can have many other feature and improvement.

    +Also why when i encrypt a file using KTS , when i install a full fresh Windows, the encrypted file is deleted !!!!!! ??

  • Please allow Kaspersky protection and Password Manager extension to be installed on Opera browser or just make them functional when installing the extensions using "install chrome extensions". Every chrome add-on works fine with Opera except Kaspersky. I love your product and those features, but I don't want to be forced to use other browsers that I don't like. Also when using Safe Money, I want safe window opened in Opera and not having Explorer/Edge pop up.

    Please make this possible in next version.

    Kind regards!

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