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Suggestions for future versions are received in this topic:

— for all «Kaspersky Free» (KFA);
— consumer products line «Kaspersky Anti-Virus» (KAV), «Kaspersky Internet Security» (KIS), «Kaspersky Total Security» (KTS);
— for small business «Kaspersky Small Office Security: Pesonal Computer» (KSOSpc) and «Kaspersky Small Office Security: File Server» (KSOSfs).


i|Please, pay attention, that suggestion should be connected to the last released commertial versions (uploaded on kaspersky.com).

Product's name should be written in post (KFA, KAV, KIS, KTS, KSOSpc, KSOSfs) and number of version, then description and purpose of suggestion.

p.s. All inappropriate posts will be deleted.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Select "Each day" parameter in the Update option. Tick the "launch update tasks ignored" box.

    Actual result:

    Kaspersky security cloud updates itself many times a day, not one time only.

    Expected Result:

    It should update one time only, like before.

  • Please add opportunity write domain with mask in manage exclusions in section Network settings in 2021 MR1  it will more convenient add mask domain than one at a time add domain.

  • Reproduction steps:


    Recently, there have been news about illegally obtaining browser history records in China, possibly due to big data analysis. This kind of information collection is mainly for you to make accurate advertising push on the web and its client. I checked some of the default monitoring locations controlled by application control and found that there is no relevant protection location, so I hope the product can update this default rule base in order to protect our private information stored in browsers. This enhances the scope of protection for the browser. 



    Actual result:

    No protection

    Expected Result:

    For firefox: Add rule for "*.sqlite" location in '%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*\ *. sqlite.

    For Chrome: Add rule for "history and " location in ‘%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\*’

    Screenshot about the rules: https://photo.weibo.com/2119758890/wbphotos/large/mid/4600173843458514/pid/7e58f42agy1gn97rvqwl5j21bj0ovdib


  • Is it possible to add a sort function in safe money?

  • Hi, thank you for this superb piece of software!

    Though it is not strictly about the KFA, KAV, KIS or KTS, it is product related (VPN Secure Connection for some products).

    It would be of great use to see a small and discrete (preferrably non-white ;) widget for Windows 10 destop to toggle ON-OFF VPN as it is limited for free versions, and sometimes some built-in video in pages may consume all MB allowed for free versions...

    Please observe my suggestion is for personal users as in many countries these users cannot afford for a full-timed license in the world we live nowadays...

    Thank you for your attention!



  • It would be nice add KPM Premium into kaspersky total security (Kaspersky Plus). 

  • Reproduction steps: Tried hide but can not because there is only a view....

    Actual result: Cant hide incompatible software (malwarebytes free) 

    Expected Result: Hide info about incompatible softwarte (ignore like safe kids ignore) and do not show again.

  • Reproduction steps: In newer versions of online help is missing section - About Kaspersky which is described basic / short info about protection components like File Antivirus, Mail Antivirus, System Watcher and all those features. This is clearly showed in version 19 (see screenshot). I would wish that add this short info describtion about components in each online help with version 22, 23, 24...etc. It is only one page. Also this is helpful for beginners who starting use kaspersky product and needs quickly orientate.

    Actual result: Section About kaspersky is completely missing from version 20

    Expected Result: Added section About kaspersky

  • I would like to see duplicate finder into Kaspersky for android (KISA). As we know we have many files in smartphones documents, photos, videos etc. And sometime we have duplicate files.*According to kaspersky for desktop there is duplicate finder.

  • I wish add more email addresses for Data Leak Check not only one but add here multiple addresses. Most people have more than 1 email address.

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