Bug reports connected to the following problems of Home and Small Office products are received in this topic:

— OS (operation system) crashes;

— crashes of KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS;

— OS freezes cause of KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS(no such problem without product);

— KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS hangings.


Please write in this topic only about the problems that suits the list of components!

General requirements for bug-reports are written in Section 2 of testing guide.


All inappropriate messages will be deleted!


i | If possible use ZIP format for dump files archives.


! | All bug reports MUST have:

— the state of AppVerifier and DrvVerifier tools (enabled/disabled);

— the name of the dump file and the path to it (priority to the ftp data8);

— all actions that lead to the problem are described;

— traces of the product.


On pruduct's dump detection please check the state of BFE service — Base Filtering Engine.

For this in cmd input command:

sc query bfe

Dump from PC with disabled BFE or from VirtualBox (Oracle®) are not being processed.

  • Reproduction steps:

    The reproduced video and trace are placed in the network disk.

    Please note: the trace archive contains crash dump files.

    Actual result:

    A crash occurs.

    Expected Result:

    No crash occurs.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Not special steps, I just ran an on demand scan over a folder with some malware files, via right mouse button scan option.

    Actual result:

    Got a GUI crashed and a dump.

    *Note: I'm using my own cloud in MEGA to upload the dump file, since ownCloud seems to be down 🤷‍♂️

  • Reproduction steps: Open main window of Kaspersky PLUS click on Kaspersky VPN (on main window in kaspersky PLUS, then exit kaspersky VPN icon from taskbar (sometimes once or twice exit VPN icon from taskbar) will cause crash kaspersky PLUS.

    Actual result: Crash Kaspersky PLUS after run Kaspersky VPN and exit it from taskbar

    Expected Result: No crash

    *Reproduced video is here

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