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— Graphic User Interface (GUI);

— Help of the product.


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  • Reproduction steps:

    Open settings-protection-app control-manage resource Or manage apps

    Actual result:

    Icons are displayed properly

    Expected Result:

    Icons are not displayed properly

    KTS20.0.0.318 en-us

    Windows10 ProfessionalWorkstation RS4  17134.137 x64

    As you can see there are some icons that are not properly displayed.

    Only half or a quater of them are displayed.

    above is just a sample. Please download all screen shots uploaded.


  • Reproduction steps:

    Open kaspersky settings, than look carefully for the last letter of each line

    Actual result:

    Some letters are not displayed properly

    Expected Result:

    All letters must be displayed completely


    Whatever OS

    Below I found part of the evidence, 

    Dear KL developer, Please take some time to carefully explore all areas in settings, thank you in advance.

    Similar problem reported before: http://bug.qainfo.ru/issues/5118

    But not fully resolved.

  • KTS20.0.0.318 en-us

    whatever OS

    When you delete a websites record in safe money section, avp will give you chance to restore that option.

    On the left of the button, there is a icon not fully displayed.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Open Main window. Run update or execute quick scan or any file scan task and turn back to main window.

    It is better to deepen the progress bar.

    Actual result:

    progress bar is too light in green.

    Expected Result:

  • 3

    Windows 10 Pro Build 17134 EN All update KTS

    Reproduction steps:

    1. Open GUI.
    2. Click on More tools->Reports->Detailed reports.

    Actual result:

    When you click in Detailed reports report not open.

    Expected Result:

    Report open successfully.


  • Reproduction steps:

    run an update but make sure it will fail

    after that go to report and try click detail button to view detail report about the failed update

    Actual result:

    the report keep loading but never complete, the yellow circle keep rotating

    Expected Result:

    the detail report open quickly

    Windows10 RS4 17134.137 x64

    KTS20.0.0.318 en-us

    traces: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/qbujvRSwCWoAFxi

  • Windows 10 Pro Build 17134 EN All update KTS

    Reproduction steps:

    1. Disable Self-Defense.
    2. In general window click Detail.

    Actual result:

    Open empty window Notification Center.

    Expected Result:

    Window open from information.

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