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  • It's not an actual bug, but a change request.

    The interface introduced in version 11.7 & 11.8 is TERRIBLE. Black window with white elements makes it really hard to control. It's is REALLY easy to make a mistake or miss something. There should be an option to change the theme.

    I also think that such "fancy-candy-hipster" theme is a no-go for enterprise products, where we have admins who really have more important things to do than messing around sick current trends. In my opinion the best interface was in version 11.4 - clear, simple, based on classic Windows dialog controls. We really don't need anything fancy here, we know that new version of system-level programs is all about internal news and improvements.

  • Problem

    After system boot and user logon, the GUI of KES versions 11.6, 11.7 and 11.8 is not loaded.Version 11.4 and earlier are not affected.

    Reproduction steps:

    Boot the system and logon. You will see, that GUI is loaded only after user clicks the tray icon or initiate an file virus scan. It is really annoying that user must wait so much time to access program interface, and especially in the second case, it is irritating that there is no progress window after initiating the scan (from file/folder context menu) and to see it user must lunch the scan for the second time.

    Actual result:

    I understand that such behaviour is motivated probably to limit the usage of system resources, but GUI loading should be user-controlled option in program settings.

    Expected Result:

    If we are talking about a workstation user, then GUI load at boot/logon is expected to be able to quickly access program interface and get view of the progress of file scans.

    If there is another case where GUI isn't accessed so often, then user should be able to disable it's loading by an option in program settings.

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