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— Web Anti-Virus (WebAV);

— Mail Anti-Virus (MailAV);

— general settings of ports control.


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  • Reproduction steps: Add domain.tld (askmrrobot.com) to "Trusted addresses" list to exempt it from being decrypted.

    Actual result: Kaspersky script is still added to the web-site. The only way to make this work is to  add "www." or "*." to the domain exception. Since the "Trusted addresses" dialog specifically lists "example.com" as legitimate format I assume this to be a bug.

    Curiously I also reported this to support for KIS where the same happens and just got told that this was "by design"?! To make things worse with KIS you cannot use the "*." workaround (invalid format error), so for KES we at least have some way to exclude a whole domain.

    Expected Result: Whole domain, including all sub-domains, should be excluded from decryption.

    These are screenshot using KIS, but the same applies to KES:



  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security causes Yandex Browser to not work properly. Sometimes when you try to go to certain websites, they won't load. This only happens when Web Threat Protection or Web Control are activated.

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security

    Windows 10 Home build 19043.1052

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