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  • #3335


    Reproduction steps: Get into settings, select any component's detail settings.

    Actual result: Text and buttons are slightly left and not on the correct place.

    Expected Result: The text and buttons should not be that close to the window border.

  • #3336


    Reproduction steps:

    Open settings and select into any component's detail setting page.

    Actual result:

    Text & buttons misplaced.

    Expected Result:

    Text & buttons should not be that close to the window border.

  • Reproduction steps: Open KES GUI, get into settings, select any component, get into the detail page.

    Actual result: The buttons and text are almost out of the window.

    Expected Result: Text and buttons should not be that close to the window border.

  • Reproduction steps:

    Running Windows 11, after turning on the computer windows with make a popup to turn on virus protection

    Actual result:

    Popup from windows to turn on virus protection, going into the Virus & threat protection settings of windows shows that Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows is turned on and there are no warnings.

    Expected Result:

    No popup


    My best guess is that the windows security internal checklist are getting run through before Kaspersky starts so windows thinks it is unprotected.

    * Windows 11 can't be picked in the System Settings of this page yet.

  • Reproduction steps: Run a scan, open Tasks/Reports, maximize window on high resolution screen (2560x1600 px at 115% here).

    Actual result: Output is not GPU accelerated, high CPU load with one thread/core being maxed out, high lag for input commands (mouse, keyboard)

    Expected Result: Low CPU load, smooth operation

    Animated GIF: Reports CPU load + lag (4.16% = 1 out of 24 logical cores maxed out)

    Animated GIF: CPU load Report during scan

    Tasks CPU load (4.16% = 1 out of 24 logical cores maxed out)

    Tasks CPU load during scan

  • Reproduction steps: Start a scan, minimize AVPUI.

    Actual result: Progress bar on Taskbar icon is not updated while AVPUI is minimized.

    Expected Result: Progress bar keeps updating while minimized.

    No idea if this even qualifies as a bug or not?!

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