Bug reports connected to the following components of Home and Small Office products are received in this topic:

— On Demand Scaner (ODS);

— On Access Scaner (OAS);

— Quick Scan (QScan);

— Vulnerability Scan;

— CleanUp;

— Quarantine and Storage.


Please write in this topic only about the problems that suits the list of components!

General requirements for bug-reports are written in Section 2 of testing guide.


All inappropriate messages will be deleted!

!|ALWAYS add traces (product's .log files) to report

  • In the quarantine area, if we want to open a corresponding folder of quarantined files, then there may be a situation where the corresponding folder has been deleted. At this time, the application will automatically open the D: \ Documents directory, we hope When the application cannot find the corresponding folder of the file, a prompt appears instead of guiding the user into a wrong folder.

  • Reproduction steps:

    rootkit scan.

    Actual result:

    Cannot see the current scan task.

    Expected Result:

    You can see the current scan task.

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