Good day to all!


Recently, the development of a new design for the "Devices" section of the MyKaspersky portal was completed, and we need your help to that functionality testing.

Testing will going on Production environment. To participate, you need to send your MyKaspersky account name to Karina Mironova (@KARINA) by personal message, after it new design will switched on for your account.


Known issues:

  • In the expanded view and in the console, there are empty signs.
  • Databases update status overlaped by Download progress UI element.
  • There is no message that the expiring license will be replaced.
  • Error while revoking a license from a child account
  • "Fix All" and "Details" buttons do not work in the extended view
  • Device renaming by the Enter button does not work
  • Inclusion of real-time protection for KISA does not work in extended form

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