Patch is available for testing now.


Pay attention:
- all of the product's work with the Web
- as well as browser operation when the product is installed with the plug-in on and off


Update sources:



Please note that to install the patch in KSeC (KSDE), you need to update the product from the test server using the commands below.

Windows x86cd "%ProgramFiles%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Secure Connection 4.0"avp.com update http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap
Windows x64cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Secure Connection 4.0"avp.com update http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap

Check the presence of a patch in the standard windows "Support", "About the program."


Fixed problems:

∙            Office365 app is unexpectedly terminated during multi-user editing

∙            "Restore" option from context menu is not translated for several languages

∙            Unable to perform backup of big data to FTP (err32=87)

∙            No information about network in network settings after Win10 update to 1903

∙            Reduced upload speed to cloud drives

∙            Microsoft Office Access database opening failed

∙            No information in "Addresses" field on "Network properties" screen

∙            Product stability and performance was improved


Scope features:

∙            Win10 19H2 full support

∙            Some changes in GUI decor, include rebranding

∙            Future Firefox's changes support


To begin testing you need to do next:

1. Install product

2. Update from public servers and reboot OS

3. Enable traces

4. Set Manual mode of Update

5. Set Update source: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap2

6. Reboot OS


As usual I'd like to remind you:

1) If you found any problem, please, re-check it on the previous patch. Here we are looking only for bugs related to current patch.

2) Don't forget about traces and screenshots.


Bug report: version 2020MR0

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