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Kaspersky Secure Connection (KSeC or KSDE) — desktop application which helps to provide secure connection over insecure networks f.e. when you are using public Wi-Fi in cafe or airport. Kaspersky VPN service is used for it.


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  • Reproduction steps:

    when I was reproduce a fail to connect problem, after a reboot of my laptop, I found the 'fail to connect try late, check your internet connection' display page just missing

    Actual result:

    error page skiped, product directly jump back to normal start up page.

    Expected Result:

    display error page

    product logs share same one with Previous bug report

  • Reproduction steps:

    Try connect to VPN using KSC free traffic.

    Actual result:

    product fail to establish secure connection

    Expected Result:

    product successfully establish secure connection

    I use KSC to update KIS these days, simplely because the update source is not useable in my region. never happened in previously released beta build......

    Today, KSC failed to establish secure connection. I dont knoe why. I tried many times with no luck.

    traces uploaded:


  • Reproduction steps:

    Try to run KSC but it keeps loading 

    Actual result:

    Tried to run KSC but it keeps loading

    Expected Result:


  • Reproduction steps:

    Locate the option to choose one virtual server, There is a drop-down option box below it.

    Actual result:

    one side of the rectangle box is missing

    Expected Result:

    the option box should be properly displayed with all its four sides.

    see a screenshot


    My device is DELL XPS13 9380 with 13.3 inches dispaly, screen resolution is 1080p and 150% zoom, all is what windows  recommended.

  • Windows 10 Pro Build 18362  EN All update KSDE EN Application Verifier and Driver Verifier ON

    Reproduction steps:

    1. Open GUI KTS.
    2. Settings->Application Control>Manage resources->Select categories AO Kaspersky Lab.
    3. Block all process KSDE.
    4. Run himself KSDE.

    Actual result:

    In time loading KSDE general Dump and with error The required environment variables are not defined .

    Expected Result:

    KSDE loading normal and without dumps.

  • Windows 10 Pro Build 18362 EN All update KSDE

    Reproduction steps:.

    1. Run KSDE from the tray.
    2. Passed Guide.

    Actual result:

    Text not translate.

    Expected Result:

    Text translate to English Language.


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