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Let us introduce you to the beta version of our new product with its new interface and new features. In order to maximize effectiveness and usability, it’s important to get maximum input from you, our users, to pinpoint as many potential issues as possible.

New in product:

  • A single Kaspersky app with varying sets of features depending on the selected subscription plan. Plans are available for testing on Windows under the working names Basic, Standard or Plus;
  • Seamless switching from one plan to another;
  • Kaspersky Plus includes unlimited Kaspersky Secure Connection.
  • Rebuilt and optimized installation process – now requires fewer actions from users;
  • Scanning for viruses and threats starts with the installation process;
  • The onboarding concept has been changed – interaction is designed as a chat, with a story about the features included in the current plan;
  • All features available in the application are divided into three sections – Protection, Performance, Privacy;
  • The UX has undergone a radical overhaul, with a side menu appearing for quick access to sections of the app;
  • Key feature settings are shown in a card layout in the main window and inside the application sections for quicker access. The most critical settings are enabled by default; the rest you can toggle as you see fit;
  • The main window now has a recommendations feed to show what else the user can do to improve protection;
  • A history pane on the main window shows information about the latest events in the application;
  • The subscription and My Kaspersky account window has been redesigned.
  • The QR code from the beta application leads to a dedicated beta-testing channel for other platform


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