Beta version of Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2024 is available for testing.


Functionally, nothing changes compared to the KRD 2018. For usage scenarios see articles


In particular, the article on recording ISO


1) Support for modern hardware.
2) HiDPI monitor support.


1) 32-bit processors are no longer supported. These are processors 15-20 years old and older. KRD 2018 will be available for such old processors.
2) CD discs are no longer supported because the ISO file size exceeded 700M. Use USB flash drives or DVDs.


After using beta version, please, delete  "KRD2024_Data" folder manually.  It can be found on one of the partitions, by default for Windows - it's   C:\.

Please report any problems. But follow the rule: one issue for one particular report. 

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