Patch is available for testing now.


Update sources:



Please note that to install the patch in KSeC (KSDE), you need to update the product from the test server using the commands below.

Windows x86cd "%ProgramFiles%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Secure Connection 4.0"avp.com update http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap
Windows x64cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Secure Connection 4.0"avp.com update http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap

Check the presence of a patch in the standard windows "Support", "About the program."


Scope features:
∙ Requirement 3063475: [BRQ][M][KSOS][CF] Проверка стойкости пароля для удаленного доступа к устройству
∙ Requirement 3149480: [BRQ][SaaS][KSC3] Change license term to subscription for trial licenses
∙ Requirement 3207202: [BRQ][PERF] Reduce Loading Websites impact caused by HTTPs checks (affects AV-Test)
∙ Requirement 3272012: [BRQ] Control mechanisms for updater on https
∙ Requirement 3317668: [BRQ][Support] Замена ссылок на community портал
∙ Requirement 3123806: [BRQ][Win][KAV][KIS][KTS][KFA][KSC] new template for offers in wizard

Fixed problems:
∙ Bug 3319817: Safe Kids button text is fully displayed for it-IT localization
∙ Bug 3319831: Safe Kids button text is fully displayed for el-GR localization
∙ Bug 3330958: [pt-PT] [ Web Policy Managment] [Configure restrictions] [ESRB] [Select categories of games] not all categories are visible ( part is hidden)
∙ Bug 3323778: [KIS][JA] Bad Alignment in Button when Cancelling Installation
∙ Bug 3292236: [2020 patch B][Phishing redirect] Finish page in redirect chain is not blocked (Chrome)
∙ Bug 3354213: [2020 patch B][Installer] When install product or try to run product, memory could not be written error occured.
∙ Bug 3307378: [2020 patch B] Safe browser window not highlighted
∙ Bug 3370689: [2020 patch B] Outlook hangs up on product exit
∙ Bug 3330495: [2020 patch B] DUMP: <unloaded_nvd3d9wrap.dll>_6BDD4E05
∙ Bug 3353969: [2020 patch B][Support] connection issues at https://www.mql5.com
∙ Bug 3304534: [2020 patch B][SSL] Access by WSS protocol is blocked when enabled scan encrypted connection.


To begin testing you need to do next:

1. Install product

2. Update from public servers and reboot OS

3. Enable traces

4. Set Manual mode of Update

5. Set Update source: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap (ftp://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ap)

6. Reboot OS


As usual I'd like to remind you:

1) If you found any problem, please, re-check it on the previous patch. Here we are looking only for bugs related to current patch.

2) Don't forget about traces and screenshots.


Bug report: version 2020MR0

Flood will be deleted.

  • Reproduction steps:

    setup-protection-application control-manage applications-

    right click a group-add application to group-choose a program

    Actual result

    see the screenshot, the number is missing.


    Expected Result:

    the number is not missing.

  • Reproduction steps:

    turn on traces

    open Chrome and IE, visit bank website to start safe money

    Focus the mouse on the input box and check if there is little keyboard icon show on one side of the input box which is the shortcut to open the on screen keyboard.

    Actual result:

    the icon show in IE

    the icon do not show in Chrome broswer

    Expected Result:

    the icon show in both broswers

    here are two screenshot, I focus mouse in two broswers, only IE shows the keyboard icon.



    and traces:


    OS: windows10 Home china 17763.529 x64

    Product: KTS en-us

  • Reproduction steps:

    I had W10 1809 + KTS2020 TR Patch A, I upgraded the system to W1903 with Windows10Upgrade9252.exe, and then I stopped to get Local NetWork Info/Data in FireWall -> NetWork section.

    I've also installed Patch B beta in KTS2020, but still the issue is there.

    Actual result:

    No Info/Data of my Local NetWork.

    I've attached traces with Patch A and with Patch B, screen-shots and my current exported KTS2020 settings.

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